Sound Healing

"Exploration is the process within. Discovery is connecting with inner truth. Fulfillment is implementing that purpose in our day-to-day lives."
- Aadil Palkhivala

Enter a Meditative State for Relaxation and Reflection

During a sound journey you are resting for 45 mins. As you let your body relax, I offer breathwork, sound, scents and a guided meditation. This can be incredibly calming to your nervous system, mind and body. I encourage booking sound journeys in the evening or when you are have no distractions planned ahead.


Sound healings are donation based.

Upon booking, we will go over your intention for your sound journey.

During the session, we balance chakras with sound and visual meditation. I offer scents that help you stay grounded and scents that offer protection in the room. I provide singing bowls, drum, music during your session along with breath work to relax your body.

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